What do I do?

For many years, a mathematician at Melbourne University, with an
industrial background before that. Published five books (the latest on
Control and Optimization) and 180 articles. Main professional area is
Operations Research and Optimization, but interested in everything else
mathematical as well. Involved in computing, on and off, for 40 years.
(Fond memories of dear old CSIRAC, the first digital computer built in
Australia.) Heavily involved in desktop computing since the TRS80 (I
bought the Dick Smith clone), and then the Macintosh. Now retired
but still researching mathematics, in association with Melbourne
University and Victoria University.

Professional information

See the following links.
Curriculum Vitae
Books and Research Papers
Notes on Research and Graduate Students

What else?

In Ogden Nash's lines:
... got no chillun !
Got no use for penicillun !
Put time and effort into Christian church activities, modern
languages, travel, mathematical links with several Asian countries,
Macintosh computer, and giving and getting information on the internet.
Other interests include reading, classical music, theoretical physics,
more reading. What computing things do I care about? Technical word
processing (MarinerWrite preferred, Word disliked), a few selected
Web sites, mathematical number-crunching and programs to do it,
desktop computers (rather than mainframes).

What things drive me up the wall?

Irrational slogans and other nonsense, the cult of sport, most things
that nobody would do if not advertised on TV, the cult of bigger is better,
(big business, big government, computer program dinosaur (you name
them ! - they all get my goat!), militarism.

A few things I have written (zip file to download)

Global Invexity
BLURB159 for AUSOM News
Optimal control on an infinite domain
Pontryagin principle for a partial differential equation
Characterizing invex

Generalized invexity

MATLAB files for SCOM Optimal Control package

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